North Sea 

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Europe's Lost World: the rediscovery of Doggerland
CBA Research Monograph

NSPP data released August 2008

Final report published December 2007


Seismic data cube illustrating chronostratigraphic relationship between Holocene and earlier features

Capacity rendered time slice of the Shotton Channel

Seismic amplitude timeslice draped on the current seabed topography. Note that the major

 Holocene fluvial channel, and its tributaries, are not related to the current bathymetry with the channels 

crossing local highs. This highlights the inadequacies of using bathymetry to predict the locations of major

 geomorphic features on the Holocene landscape. From Fitch et al. (in press).

The VISTA Centre powerwall (4.27x1.8m) being used for seismic interpretation.


Tony Robinson during visit to VISTA whilst filming  a "Time Team"
 special on the archaeology of the North sea




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