North Sea 

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Published Papers

  • Gaffney V., Fitch S. and Smith D. 2009. Europe's Lost World: the rediscovery of Doggerland. CBA Research Report. No. 160

  • Gaffney V., Thomson K. and Fitch S. (Eds.) 2007. Mapping Doggerland: The Mesolithic Landscapes of the Southern North Sea. Archaeopress. Oxford.

  • Fitch S., Gaffney V. and K. Thomson  2007. In sight of Doggerland: From speculative survey to Landscape Exploration.  Internet Archaeology 22. Mesolithic Archaeology

  • Ch'ng, E., Stone, R. J. and Arvantis, T. N. 2004. The Shotton River and Mesolithic Dwellings: Recreating the Past from Geo-Seismic Data Sources. The 5th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, VAST (2004), in cooperation with ACM SIGRAPH and The Eurographics Association, 7-10 December, Brussels, Belgium, pp. 125-133, 2004.

  • Fitch, S., Thomson, K. and Gaffney, V. 2005. Late Pleistocene and Holocene depositional systems and the palaeogeography of the Dogger Bank, North Sea. Quaternary Research. 64, 185-196.

 Conference Presentations

  • Taiwan International Symposium on                                   2008                  Europe's Lost Land
    Underwater Archaeology (Taipei)

  • Theoretical Archaeology Group (Southampton)                 2008                  Prehistoric Landscape without Figures

  • Royal Archaeological Institute (London)                            2008                  Europe's Lost Land

  • Sea level Change (Orkney)                                                  2008                  North Sea Palaeolandscapes

  • Sea level rise- changing processes and sustainable           2008                  North Sea Palaeolandscapes
    management of the low-lying coasts of the Baltic states
    EU TAIEX experts meeting, Palanga, Lithuania.

  • North Sea Prehistory Experts Meeting                                2008                  North Sea Palaeolandscapes

  • Marine ALSF Annual Conference                                          2008                  Europe’s Lost Country.

  • Prehistoric Society                                                               2008                  Mapping Doggerland

  • Archaeology 2008 (British Museum)                                   2008                  Mapping Doggerland

  • Regional ALSF Science Applications (Bristol)                      2007                  North Sea Palaeolandscapes

  • Marine ALSF Delivery Partners Technical Meeting              2007                  North Sea Palaeolandscapes

  • Information Spatiale et Archéologie,(keynote)                  2007                  Waterworlds

  • Time, space and the dynamics of change in archaeology

  • On and Off the Lincolnshire Coast (EH/DEFRA)                 2007                   North Sea Palaeolandscapes

  • Geoarchaeology                                                                 2006                   North Sea Palaeolandscapes

  • DEFRA/ALSF Marine aggregate conference                      2006                   North Sea Palaeolandscapes

  • Quaternary Research Association                                     2005                  North Sea Palaeolandscapes

  • Orkney Festival of Science.                                                2005                  Lost Worlds

  • Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference.                     2005.                Inaccessible Archaeology

  • Geological Society Petroleum Group Shallow,                    2004                   Post-glacial depositional systems of the Southern North Sea.

  • Geological Society Environmental and                                2004                   Doggerland revisited:
    industrial Geophysics Group



A project funded by the Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund and administered by English Heritage

Principal Investigators
Professor Vincent Gaffney and Dr Kenneth Thomson
IAA                                GEES
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